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Taught by a pro touring artist, not a professor.
Experience is key!

Along with being a session and touring musician, Jonathan has been teaching guitarists and aspiring musicians of all ages for over 15 years.  If interested, please email here.


“With over 20 years of experience playing guitar professionally, I am more than happy to share the tools and methods that have helped me thus far. 


Having developed a clear cut approach to learning the guitar, I will help combine the spirit of making music with concrete fundamentals that allow you to feel confident on your instrument. We will focus primarily on rhythm, phrasing, melody, harmony, fretboard geography and most of all, making music—Let’s get to work!”  -Jonathan 


One-on-one Zoom or Skype lessons from anywhere in the world. Strong stable internet connection required. Laptop recommended vs smartphone or tablet. In person lessons are also available at my home studio in Silver Spring, Maryland. 


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